Although MAC Ltd's primary products are the consultancy and contract research and development work it undertakes for its customers (see the Sectors and Capabilities pages), as a result of the insight and expertise gained from such work MAC Ltd has developed a number of off-the-shelf wireless test and measurement products that it markets to customers in the UK and overseas.


Radio and signal processing cards for low power wireless applications

CatchAll SDR Units

Ultra-fast multi-band wideband drive-test and walk-test measurement receivers and data logging for radio network measurement, analysis and verification

Radio Survey Tools

Turnkey solutions for cellular network measurement and analysis

IoT and Sensor Network Devices

Rapid concept demonstrator development and custom designs for Internet of Things devices

TI TMS320C6748 USB CDC-ACM Driver

A USB CDC-ACM driver for Texas Instruments TMS320C6748 DSP and similar chips, developed for our own use but since licensed to other companies with products requiring this functionality